Synapses Marketing

When someone first lands on a website they make a split-second decision about you and your business. They are either impressed or not!

They will immediately make a decision about whether or not to follow you, whether or not they like what you make or think you are interesting, and whether they want to find out more information about you and your business.

A great idea is to link to specific landing pages on your website or blog for a visitor coming from a social network. This way you can tailor that page to the needs for the visitor.

While your website homepage may be full of all the information that someone searching for a handmade gift needs, the page to which you direct a visitor from one of your profiles can be an extension of your short profile. For example, you might link to an “about us” page, where you can add details about your work and your work and any accolades, such as where your work has been featured in the past. Keep the information brief and, as always, allow your personality to shine thought in your writing.

When you measure the traffic coming thought from social networks to these links, take a look at the visitor behaviour. Do they tend to click away immediately or do they delve deeper into your site? Learn from their behavior and the outcomes and adapt the landing page to suit. Keeping this page full of up-date information is vital; outdated information could make your business look lackluster and defeat the object of the page.