Synapses Marketing

While coronavirus are spreading throughout the world, people need to isolate themselves to prevent spreading to other people. There is no doubt that the coronavirus effects businesses. Some businesses have been shut down permanently. Business with new lifestyles can handle this situation with switching to digital solution. Most companies cancels meetings and prefer to change them to teleconferencing and webinars.

If you own a business, now is the best time to think about your business strategies and prepare to invest for online business. You need to rethink and ensure to survive this changing dynamic. It’s never late to start an online business. More people are going to choose online shop and buy with safety from their own homes.

Ten thousands of dollars were lost because of cancellation of the largest trade fair. Most of the companies planned to participate in that event, but coronavirus pandemic postponed all of them. Large companies have focused on web marketing and try to maintain normality in these days.


Besides the major advantage of digital marketing that it does not require face to face interaction, is that it is measurable. The only way to know you have a successful business is to obtain a good picture of your spending return on investment (ROI). Digital marketing tactics and analytics will help you to determine whether your marketing is working or not.


It is a good time to isolate at home and rethink about marketing strategies. Marketing managers often complain they don’t have time to update their website. This is like this sample, you have opened a shop, but just selling old fashion electronic tools in this digital world.

You should always focus on your brand visibility:

  • Website content – Ensure to put key message with call to action
  • SEO – Check website optimisation and speed
  • Social media – Improve social media engagement and writing professional articles

Digital marketing, social media and staying up to date with information are keys in these crazy days.