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Modern design of your website will help your brand to stand out online and direct attentions. Unfortunately, it can bore and confuse your customers. The key to solve this problem is to think of your brand identity and decide which design will match with your brand.

Brand identity includes such things as:
– Your Logo
– Theme line
– Graphics
– Colour

All of these elements come together to form the face of your brand. If you pay attention, your brand can have an emotional impact on satisfied customers which will give ability to your brand to connect with them.

Some of these impacts can be the following emotions:
– Security
– Creativity
– Loyality
– Satisfaction
– Trust

You should be unique for your customers beside your competitors. It’s better to forget about creating a copycat website.

Modern website designs are reactions to cultural changes. Website designers follow trends to make product look fresh and desirable to target audiences and use competitive advantage. But there is a problem with these trends, they come and go. It can cause a lot of problems. You will put a lot of time and effort to make it, but they will be soon old school. So you should try to make a correct decision.

The website talks about your brand with colours, images and content. There should be a tradeoff between modernity and functionality. A good website design represents your brand in the most professional way to ensure your business is credible.


You need to ask yourself the following questions, once the above items are addressed:
1. Does the website design represent your brand in the best way
2. Is website easy to navigate and find services or products?
3. Does it look good in mobile?