SEO the backbone of any digital marketing strategy.


SEO can be defined as the things you do for the pages on your website so that they are found by Google and other search engines to ensure that they show in the top ten results when peoplesearch for something related to your business.

For instance, this may include being found when your customers type the keyword ‘painter at Sydney’, ‘Synapses marketing’ or ‘coffee shop at Sydney’  if that’s what you are trying to make into a business into Google or world wide web. Actually, this in turn bring you a lot of traffic and, depending on how valuable those keywords are, this can then in turn bring you new customers and clients.

On the other hand, Google is continuously fine-tuning the number and types of factors they use to determine whether a page gets into the top ten results for a special and certain search phrase, like looking at how long people stay on your site, how fast your web pages, the number of people who like and share your content on social media.

So yes, this is pretty awesome but, as I will very soon understand that it is not the only way that your customers find their way to your door/website. Nor is it necessarily always the best way for your customers to come to you. In fact, depending on your market, it might not even be the best place to start.

But SEO is an essential for your website and business because digital marketing is a holistic approach to marketing in digital age.  Synapses marketing team can help your business to approach your goals and ideas in digital world.