How you can set goals for your blog!


Not goal posts but post goals! The goals of your blog posts can and should vary, but it’s important to have and end result in mind so that you are able to measure the success of a post and your blog in general.

Use these goals to help formulate your post rather than writing just anything for the sake of keeping your blog update. Updating a blog without having a goal in mind is a waste of your time and often why people end up stopping blogging .They resent the time they spend blogging and networking because they see no positive results from their posts.

Having a goal for every post does not mean it needs to be a complex, extensively researched keyword packed essay each time. In fact, you can vary the time spent on each post across the week or month. A post could be as simple as sharing a single funny image. The goal is to make your existing target audience laugh, love your brand just a little more and show this by sharing the link with their friends.

Alternatively, your post may have a very specific goal. Sometimes we just write posts that are entirely aimed at connecting with just one influential person to open an opportunity for networking – a post in response to something shared on their own site, for example. The goal of post would be a comment and hopefully a share from one of their social networks and the change to get onto their radar and chat with them on social networks.