10 Steps For Digital Marketing


Last week, I attended so informative event as name “Get Connected- Big Ideas For Small and Medium business” at Optus Campus. They talked about importance of digital marketing on running a successful business.

Todays, we need to work with various skilled and experience people related to our business. So, we need different persons in different positions like an accounter, driver, etc in our business. In technology century, having a skilled person as a digital marketer to change your business local to globally is necessary in digital world.

I want to share my digital marketing experience with you. Below are 10 important steps for digital marketing:

  1. Create a strategy and plan that aligns with your business goals
  2. Use online low cost to no cost tools to keep your business on track
  3. Make a good brand and slogan
  4. Create website based on your business objectives
  5. Review your website for weakness and strengths
  6. Create blogs and content
  7. Share website content and images in social media
  8. Learn from customer experience and don’t be selfish
  9. Live broadcasting
  10. Case studies, comments and testimonials

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