Having website is necessary but not enough!


These days, It is not enough  to have a website. First steps for digital marketing is creating website and the vast majority of people think that having website enough, but in the digital world it is not.

Just imagine you bought very luxury shop in Time Square or in Westfield shopping center but is always closed! And you just put a sign on the door – “ Call us on our phone or send message by your mail in our mailbox!”

Do you think this shop will have benefit for your business or is it a right strategy for marketing?

We do believe that “Definitely not! “

So what is the solution?

Todays, we have two worlds, one of them was created billions years ago and new one was created just seven decades ago as named “DIGITAL WORLD!” If you have quick glance on people waiting for train you will roughly guess how many people live in digital world these days! For success in business you have challenge not only in physical world but also in digital world.

Synapses Marketing analysing your business base on your client demands in digital world and design and support your business in digital world. Contact us to talk about your projects.